Cookie Policy

April 26, 2021


Flynero uses cookie files and similar technologies to track user behavior in their interactions with our various online services and features. These technologies allow us to support and improve Flynero and its features as well as better understand and respond to user requests. In this Cookie Policy, we will talk in detail about cookie files and similar technologies used on Flynero and how to manage them.

This Policy is an integral part of Flynero’ Privacy Policy and continues in the context of automatic processing of Personal Data.


We reserve the right to update this Cookie Policy from time to time when implementing new technologies, changing operational patterns or principles, or adopting new cookie/privacy laws and regulations by respective authorities. Please review this policy periodically for changes. In case of significant or conceptual changes, we will notify you and fulfill your right to be informed. If you do not accept the amended version, please stop using Flynero or reset your cookie preferences as needed.

What are cookie files and similar technologies?

Cookies are small text files containing information that are placed on your computer or other device when you visit and use a particular website, online service, feature, web-interface, or mobile application. Basically, these pieces of information allow providers to track how you interact with their sources, what choices you made, and which settings you used. Some of this information also can help said providers understand which ads will be most suitable for you. The cookies themselves don’t identify you without additional data, but enable providers to create your online profile.


We will use the term “cookies” to describe various tracking technologies that work on the same principle and alongside cookie files to allow us to monitor user behavior, choices, and actions on Flynero. For example, tags, tracking pixels, code snippets, tracking URLs, local storage, and scripts.

Types of cookies used on Flynero

Different cookie files have different lifespans. Some can be deleted right after a session on Flynero, while others remain in the device memory until their expiration date or until the user manually deletes them.


If cookie files are installed and processed by Flynero and fully controlled and carried out by us without the help of third parties, such cookies are referred to as first-party cookies. If processing involves other parties, such as Data Processors that are authorized by us to process data for the intended purposes, such cookies are referred to as third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are processed by other providers according to their internal privacy policies.


Cookies can also be differentiated by the purposes for which they are processed. We use the following types of cookies within Flynero products.


Essential Cookies are an aggregated category that brings together different cookies. Without these cookies, we cannot offer you an opportunity to use Flynero, including all its available features, such as the personal user account and options to select the language, currency, and destinations. Some Essential Cookies carry out business functions and address Flynero’s efficiency within the metasearch engines market. For such files, we do not collect your consent, but instead process them by default, based on our legitimate interest to fulfill our obligations to you.


Functional (Technical) Cookies help Flynero analyze your interactions with our web resources/ features and remember your preferences in order to personalize your experience, where possible, without your direct participation and improve the quality of the services provided. These files help us collect and assess different metrics, such as visit duration or the steps taken during the user’s interaction with the interface. Processing of this data allows us to make the service more efficient and make your interactions with the service more convenient. Such cookies are not required. We receive your consent before processing Technical Cookies and will stop processing them upon the withdrawal of said consent (unless otherwise specified in the technical parameters of the cookie).


Marketing Cookies help us display digital ads on different elements of the web-resource interface and actively promote Flynero by purchasing digital ads, including through ad networks. Data processed with Marketing Cookies helps Flynero and third-party providers, such as Google or Facebook, show you more relevant ads and understand the efficiency of said ads (cross-context behavioral advertising purposes). You can opt out of processing of cookies of this type and of sharing them with our partners via special instrument through Data preferences menu.

How to manage your cookie preferences

We offer you a special Data preferences menu that is available from the moment you start using Flynero. This menu will help you set up your personal data (incl. cookie) preferences and revoke consent to process Technical and Marketing Cookies (which also means revoking consent to sharing of the data for cross-context behavioral advertising) rat any time.

To delete installed cookie files or block them from installing in the first place, you need to use the tools that your device offers you. Here, you can find links to related sections and instructions on how to delete cookies in popular browsers: Google ChromeInternet ExplorerMozilla FirefoxSafari (Desktop) & Safari (Mobile)Android Browser, and Opera and Opera Mobile.

In addition, you can always send your query for additional explanation, deletion, or setting up cookies to our support team.

Important: Removal of individual cookies can affect your access to certain parts of Flynero and/or the functioning of certain features.


You can also set up third-party cookies on the resources of cookie providers or with their help. Here, we’ll mention the biggest providers of Technical and Marketing Cookies, which are used by Flynero and set up on your devices through interaction with external content.


Google Analytics is one of the most popular technical solutions that allow us to collect analytical data about the use of the web-resource using cookie files, particularly advertising data, and apply that data to achieve our processing objectives. You can learn how user data is processed for web-resources equipped with Google Analytics in Google’s guidelines and special description. For opting-out Google Analytics please visit browser add-on page.


Facebook – We use the products and tools of Facebook for Business to process data in the context of digital ads and to fulfill or maintain particular features of Flynero. You can learn more about cookie processing via Facebook here.


Yandex – Yandex allows us to track ad displays on the web-resource and Flynero internal analytics. Learn more about the cookie processing policy as well as Yandex’ similar technologies and products here. ou can opt-out of Yandex cookies using the browser add-on as described here.


If you have any questions regarding the present policy or if you’ve noticed an error in the process of automatic treatment of your data, feel free to send an email.

Detailed information on the cookies used by Flynero


Name of CookieSupplierTermType
click_metaFlyneroNo time limitEssential
ucc<___>Flynero1 dayEssential
click_to_credit_buttonFlynero1 dayEssential
hide_show_more_infoFlynero30 daysEssential
sys_notify_closedFlynero12 hoursEssential
cache_visa_filterFlynero1 dayEssential
search_init_stampFlynero10 minutesEssential
markerFlynero30 daysEssential
airline_voteFlyneroNo time limitEssential
ab(expNumber)FlyneroAs long is AB test is activatedEssential
is-onboarding-shownFlynero30 daysEssential
uncheck_hotel_cookieFlynero7 daysEssential
form_hint_closedFlynero7 daysEssential
marker_valueFlynero1 dayEssential
tp_tooltip_hiddenFlynero7 daysEssential
mamka_auid / auidFlyneroNo time limitEssential
auid / auid_ab / auid_tp / wl_auidFlynero/ TravelpayoutsNo time limitEssential
mamka_user_projectsFlyneroNo time limitEssential
emailFlyneroNo time limitEssential
currencyFlyneroNo time limitEssential
know_englishFlyneroNo time limitEssential
pageview_promosFlyneroNo time limitEssential
pageview_partnersFlyneroNo time limitEssential
user_markerFlyneroNo time limitEssential
prevent_geoipFlyneroNo time limitEssential
mobile_app_redirectFlynero7 daysEssential
__cfduidCloudflare7 daysEssential
__gadsGoogle2 yearsMarketing
_fbpFacebook1 dayMarketing
_gaGoogle2 yearsTechnical
_gat_gtag_UA_*Google10 minutesTechnical
_gat_unoTrackerGoogle1 minuteTechnical
_gidGoogle1 dayTechnical
_ym_visorc_*Yandex30 minutesTechnical
tmr_lvidTSVK332 daysMarketing
tmr_lvidVK332 daysMarketing
tmr_reqNumVK332 daysMarketing
im_snidIntent MediaSessionMarketing
im_puidIntent Media13 monthMarketing
im_puid_ssnIntent Media13 monthMarketing
intent_media_prefsIntent Media20 yearsMarketing
*.canOpenURLFlynero7 daysEssential
_ym_dYandex1 yearTechnical
_ym_isadYandex2 daysTechnical
_ym_uidYandex1 yearTechnical
_ym_wasSyncedYandex1 yearTechnical
afpixYandex1 dayTechnical
gdprYandex1 yearTechnical
DSIDGoogle1 dayMarketing
idGoogle24 hoursMarketing