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What do I need to buy a ticket online? arrow faq
You just need to have your credit card and personal data while booking your flight.
How do I receive my ticket after the purchase? arrow faq
During the booking you fill in your contact information, including email address, where you’ll receive your ticket.
Can I return or exchange my ticket? arrow faq
You can change or cancel your ticket according to travel provider’s terms and conditions. For these procedures, you need to contact to the airline or agency, from which you bought your ticket.
Can I change my personal information after purchasing a ticket? arrow faq
If you made any mistake in your details, you need to contact the seller immediately. Modifying your personal details is possbile but mostly with an extra charge.
Do I book my flight with Flynero? arrow faq
Flynero is a search engine system, where you can look for all available flights for your trip. After you’ve found best option for you, you’ll be directed to the official website of the airline or agency, where you will buy your ticket.
How do I check in/register for my flight? arrow faq
It’s essential for every passenger to check in online or at the airport for their flights. If the airline you’re travelling with has registration fee at the airport, than you can do it online for free. As usual, check in opens 24 hours and closes 40 minutes before the flight. You’ll receive a notification from the airline when your check in is ready to open by email. After filling in the details that will be requested during the check-in, you’ll receive a boarding pass with your seat. You can choose your own seat for an extra charge or it will be allocated for you. You need to have your boarding pass at the airport in your phone or if requested, you can print it out self-check-in terminals.
How do I add baggage to my ticket? arrow faq
In the booking process, you can buy a ticket with only hand baggage or checked baggage with different weight allowance. If you already bought your ticket without baggage but you changed your mind, you can always add baggage to your flight. But you have to do this on the official website of the airline or agency, where you purchased your ticket or you can do this at the registration desk at the airport, but this might cost you more than adding your baggage in advance online.
How do I buy a ticket for my child? arrow faq
Children above the age of 2 needs to have seperate tickets. Buying process is the same as for adults. Infants under the age of 2 don’t require ticket since they can fly free of charge and they don’t need their own seat. However, you still have to inform the airline that you’re travelling with a baby.
What should I do if I need special assistance? arrow faq
Some airlines allow you to request for this service when you book your flight. You should just mark special assistance offer and enter the requested details. In another case, after you buy a ticket you should contact the airline and ask them for the assistance.
What do I do if my flight delays or cancels? arrow faq
Sometimes for several reasons like technical issues or weather conditions, airlines have to delay or cancel their flights. As usual, travel provider gives you an alternative to change your flight date or give you a refund of your ticket. But if this solution isn’t enough for you, you can ask the airline for compensation if your flight was canceled or delayed more then 3 hours. There are companies that help you to start and complete this process with the airline. One of the company that will help you to receive your compensation as soon as possible, is Flyhelp.com. You just need to visit the website and submit an application where you will enter your flight details. They’ll check if you are entitled to the compensation and will take care for the whole process.