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LOT Polish Airlines Flights: Cheap deals and Travel Tips


LOT Polish Airlines is a Flag carrier of Poland that was founded on December 29, 1928. After 95 years of operation, LOT remains as one of the oldest airlines in the world. It’s also founding member of IATA. Being the 18th largest operator in Europe, LOT Polish Airlines flights cover 105 destinations across Europe, Asia and North America.

Airline Information

  • Hubs – Warsaw Chopin Airport
  • Alliance – Star Alliance
  • Frequent-flyer program – Miles & More
  • Fleet size – 77
  • Destinations – 105

Why Fly with LOT Polish Airlines?

First of all, LOT offers pretty competitive pricing on European market. The airline is known for it’s budget-friendly prices not only for domestic, but also international destinations. So, for budget travelers, LOT is always a good idea. Range of destinations is another advantage of the airline, especially when it comes to international and long-distance destinations. LOT offers one of the most cheapest prices on North American cities, which is a huge priority of the airline.

Their customer service and cabin crew is often praised for it’s professionalism and attentiveness.

Where Can I fly with Polish Airlines?

LOT Polish Airlines flights connects over 105 European, Asian and North American cities to each other. LOT flies to 12 Polish cities, so for those who wants to explore Poland, this airline would be the most comfortable and convenient choice.

With LOT you can visit most popular European destinations:

  • Flights to Vienna
  • Flights to Tbilisi
  • Flights to Rome
  • Flights to Madrid

LOT offers an impressive Asian destinations:

  • Flights to Tokyo
  • Flights to Delhi
  • Flights to Seoul
  • Flights to Sri Lanka

And the North America:

  • Flights to New York
  • Flights to Miami
  • Flights to Los Angeles
  • Flights to Chicago

LOT route map

What Services Are Available on LOT Polish Airlines Flights?

LOT Polish Airlines offers a range of services to enhance passenger comfort and convenience during flights. These typically include in-flight entertainment with movies, music, and games, as well as Wi-Fi access on some aircraft. Meals and beverages are provided depending on the flight duration and class of service, with special dietary options available upon request. Passengers can also enjoy reading materials such as magazines and newspapers. On long-haul flights, amenities like blankets, pillows, and toiletry kits are provided to ensure a comfortable journey. Overall, LOT Polish Airlines aims to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers.

Does LOT Offers Business Class?

LOT offers Business Class on long-haul flights. You can book Business class flights to North America, Japan, India, China and South Korea and take an advantage of business class priorities.

Your business class experience starts one you arrive at the airport. With LOT Business class ticket you have access to Business lounges at all major airports. So find one and relax before your flight.

As a LOT Business Class passenger, you are eligible for a priority check-in, fast track processing and boarding to your plane at any time. You can also be the first to claim your baggage after landing. Be aware, that Business class passengers are entitled to larger baggage, which includes 3×32 kg checked baggage.

In-flight entertainment, exquisite menu, amenity kits and comfortable traveling is guaranteed to every business class passenger.

LOT Business Class

What is a Baggage Allowance for LOT flights?

For Economy Class travelers, LOT carry-on baggage allowance is 1×8 kg for all flights. Checked baggage allowance is 1×23 kg for all flights.

Business class passengers are entitled to 2×9 kg carry-on baggage for Asian long-haul destinations, and 1×12 on North American destinations.

How Can I make check-in for LOT Polish Airlines Flights?

Online check-in for LOT flights is available 36 hours before the departure and closes 120 minutes before the take off. You can make online check-in via website or mobile app.

At the airport, you can check-in at counters 2 hours before the flight. For long0haul flights, airport check-in starts 3 hours before the departure time.

How Can I make LOT flights Booking?

Booking a LOT Airlines ticket is straightforward and convenient process on FlyNero.com. You can choose any departing and arriving cities and dates and in the blink of an eye, all available flights will be shown on your screen. You can also use filter results due to airports, flight duration, transit time, price and etc. This will help you to make choice easily and quickly. After choosing your favorite flight, you will be directed to the airline’s or agency’s website where you’ll complete your purchase.

How Can I find the Best LOT Airlines flight Deals?

To get best LOT Airlines flight deals, here are some tips that you need to know before start booking:

  1. Consider booking in advance
  2. Keep an eye on seasonal promotions
  3. Be flexible with travel dates
  4. Book during off-peak times
  5. Avoid traveling on weekends

How Can FlyNero Help me to book cheap LOT Polish Airlines flights?

Use our air ticket search engine system to find cheapest fares for your travel. You give us your travel information and we give you all the available options for your flight. Use our flight calendar and other useful tools to book your next trip without wasting your budget. For less effort, contact our call center and get individual help from our team members.


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